• WE are happy that events will soon be possible again.


    At bwomen we focus on business women. We have over 300 members from different industries:
    • Entrepreneurs
    • C-level / Management
    • Women re-entering the workforce

    The aim of bwomen is to leverage the enormous impact well-educated women have, but currently don’t use, to give them the opportunity to exchange experiences with each other and to show them the alternatives in the labour market, because it has a shortage of well-educated workers.


    It is important for us to give our members a voice to be heard on the market.


    bwomen offers you an active online community. We are the piazza for networking where peers exchange knowledge at eye level, create synergies and realise business goals together. We offer www.workforward.ch livestreams, training & networking opportunities and job perspectives.
    YES, we will again host regular offline events.

  • Change begins at the end of your comfort zone

  • Our Focus is your Success

    Webinars / Livestreams

    Topic-specific events

    Know-how transfer

    Social Media training

    Member meets member networking



  • This is how it works

    Step by step.


    Join the network

    Our online network is a very intuitive and active community. Your contribution of business relevant content is highly appreciated. You will receive content and webinars based on your position (C-level, entrepreneur, management or re-entering the workforce).


    Find your peers

    Follow the streams YOU are interested in. Feel free to network with like minded members.


    Pay on demand

    The bwomen universe is free for you to browse. For some courses/webinars, you are asked to pay a fair price to participate. You can pay directly online.

  • Claudia Bally

    Owner Bally Communications

    "Marketing and Communication is my passion. My 25 years of experience from leading brands are the base for my decision to found my own company Bally Communications. I have a flair for organization and bringing the right people together. I focus on sustainable products and am actively involved in the community of successful and courageous business women. As a working mom of two teenage girls I know the chances and challenges in the still male-dominated business world."

  • Olivia Schiffmann

    Partner Kuble AG

    "After my Master’s degree in law I made the first U-turn on my way to discover my professional calling: I started working as a corporate journalist in finance. Later I moved to Singapore, continued writing and started studying Chinese and art. When back in Zurich, art lead to my first venture, my own art gallery. This experience of entrepreneurship led to my true calling, combining media, digital marketing and business. Since 2011, I am a partner at the social media agency Kuble. I am the mother of two wonderful daughters (27 and 7 years)."